Saturday, 2 January 2010

Week 12 – CT Scan

Week 12 - Day Before Round 2 Chemo

Midday appointment for a CT scan of my head and body.
Contrast injection, hot feeling…into the doughnut…and then several hours to wait until the radiologist and then my oncologist have had a chance to assess the results.
Another tense day.


Basically the two slightly swollen lymph nodes in my lower abdomen had decreased back to normal size. This implies that the assumption that cancer had spread into the two lymph nodes was correct, AND that it had responded to the treatment. There was now no detectable trace of cancer in my system. So just two more rounds of chemo to make sure.

I cant quite believe this good news...feels like the first bit of good news since this horrible saga began...actually its not, that the cancer was even treatable was good news, that more than 90pc of sufferers live the rest of their lives without much or any detrimental effects was good news...but all of that is meaningless until you get this piece of good news I think...the bit that is relevant to you, that excludes you from being the 1pc, or 5pc, or 50pc or whatever it is, that possibly doesnt respond to treatment. I still felt tense the next day, unable or not ready to feel relieved just yet.

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