Saturday, 2 January 2010

Week 12 - Round 2 Chemo

Same process as last time. Lots of waiting. My blood count was quite low this time, which meant there was some question as to whether we could go ahead or would have to put things back a day or two, but we went ahead.

The sickness wasn’t so bad this time. They had me on an additional drug, Emend, which seemed to do the trick very well, PLUS I made sure I had the dexamethasone and kytril intravenous before any chemo on day 3 as well as day 1 and 2 (which didn’t happen for round 1). They also took me off domperidone and moved me onto metrochlopromide…for which no one could give me a reason, which irritated me ..but it seemed to work so I was happy

By day 4 when leaving the hospital I felt pretty bad, but could have been worse! Plus I knew it was working for now so that helped a lot with my moral. I was pleased to get home, and cook some good fresh food…some kind of stir fried vegetables, wholegrain rice, organic chicken...perfect. I also had one sip of wine…it tasted fucking good! (No one actually told me to stop drinking…but it cant be a good idea to drink whilst your body is being put through all this, so in the main I refrained from alcohol)..

There’s not much more to be said…it was the same as last time. 2/3rds down!...Here I am in situ:

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