Sunday, 27 December 2009

Week 9 / 10 / 11 – Recover from Round 1

Week 9 / 10 / 11

Once home its basically about a week or so of feeling hollowed out, sick, tired, weak, feeble. I thought I was getting short of breath at times, but when I saw my doctor my lungs appeared fine. I think this was anxiety actually…the feeling of panic whenever I started to think about my breathing...

It’s a pretty horrible week or so but manageable, I’ve had worse hangovers, although they have never lasted a week!...The second week things start to ease up, but the anxiety/breathing issue still crops up during the day occasionally…

By the third week at home I’m feeling pretty much back to normal…all the while I'm having acupuncture once a week which I have no doubt helps considerably.

About 15 days after the treatment began I noticed my hair falling out one day in the bath…my hair’s pretty short anyway so it needed me to tug at it, but then clumps come out…it’s a very weird feeling…and even though I’m not too worried about my hair it was quite distressing, like you’re falling apart or a radiation victim from “When The Wind Blows” ( a very bleak story about nuclear fallout)
So I shaved it all off, grade zero.

My biggest concern through all of this period was “Is This Actually Working” – a CT scan the day before round 2 will tell me.

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