Monday, 8 February 2010



Thanks so much to all those people who got in touch and showed me the love…it helps a lot. I know its hard to know whether to bring up these things with people when you hear their bad news…in my experience it did help. I said this in an email to a bunch of people it is again for EVERYONE around me, and for anyone else who ever gets in a similar situation, its funny, people do give a fuck! What a lovely realisation about the world to come out of all this. Thank you xxx

Yes the past few weeks have been pretty bleak, and the love Ive got from all sides has been a great help...Its one of those funny ones where you hear something really bleak happening to someone you love and its always difficult to know whether passing on your love and concern for them is the right thing to do..I know Ive always felt a little awkward about expressing such things, you never know whether the person will appreciate it or feel awkward about it being brought up, or rather not talk about it rah rah rah...from my experience it has been nice to hear from people, so I know in future to try to express myself in the same way! Some people would believe that being sent love like this from all around you will directly aid healing...I would say I am one of those people, so everyone around me is a little responsible for me being alive for years to come (remember that next time Im wasted at and ranting some obnoxious bollocks in your ear!)

One of the big positives of it all is hearing from everyone, and knowing that all those people you love from throughout your life are real and the relationships are real...lots of you choads I rarely see or speak to but you all, and many others besides, are all considered friends of mine and I hope you all know you can count on my love and support.

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