Monday, 8 February 2010

Checking in...almost 6 weeks after the 3rd round

I thought I should just check in...

Most of the noticeable side effects have worn off now...or I should say are much less than they were so I think they've worn off. If I compared it to me at the start I think I probably still feel shit. Tiredness is definitely still an issue...being careful not to over do it, but WHATEVER...Im getting on with life now, too much lingering around my house over the past few weeks. Still, I did get to miss out the best part of a pretty bleak winter so "every cloud" and all that

I think a week or two after I got home from this last round the psychological and emotional effects started to seep in. I think that in a crisis all your focus and energy goes into getting you through that crisis and out the other side...I think you put all the other effects into a box somewhere to be dealt with later. Since the worst of the effects have worn off I find myself reflecting on it all and feeling quite sad...if thats the right word...emotional maybe, not sure...definitely reflective. My dreams were quite panic'd for a week or so but that seems to have died down. Anyway the last thing i need is some subconscious long lasting effects from burying my troubles...people have advised me that seeing a therapist would be a good idea (a shrink that is)...I think now I feel like it might be useful, its quite difficult to discuss such issues with people, you need a lot of time to ponder before getting anywhere and generally people lose concentration unless its their job, or they have a particular vested interest, plus having a regular time and place dedicated to your deep and meaningful waffle to come out kind of forces you to think about it. I havent done this yet anyway so its all just assumption so far.

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