Saturday, 31 October 2009


If at any point someone wants to get in touch with me please feel free...

The whole blog idea started as wanting to create a short informative and positive film documenting the situation and the process and that would be out there to help raise awareness, break down some of the taboos and embarrassment around the condition, to help encourage guys to be aware of the possibility this could happen to them, and that getting checked out early can make the whole situation MUCH less of a problem and much easier to deal with...potentially saving body parts, and life! If it does nothing else then just to reassure and to be informative...writing a blog was suggested to me to be part of that process, and although it wasnt something I had considered and didnt feel overly comfortable with I figured it would be a way of being much more detailed about the whole process...

It’s meant as a record of my experience and my understandings so I hope I don’t contradict anyone else’s experience or understandings…and I hope not to mislead or misinform…

The entries weren't necessarily written on the dates posted, or the days they happened..but I've tried to upload and post them in a way to make it easier to read and to make more sense for not giving all the exact dates made me feel like I am at least keeping something private,if that makes any sense.

There is some quite strong language. This is necessary I think. Strong language was what was often going through my mind!

There are video diary entries throughout at their relevant times..

The short film is still being made...I will upload it when it’s done

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