Wednesday, 13 October 2010

My Testicular Cancer Diary - Part 5

My Testicular Cancer Diary - Part 5

It's been a while since I posted anything on here, and I have just realised that I never posted the most recent here it is.

In a nutshell, Ive been back at work for about 6 months and in the main have been completely fine. My hair grew back in February (about 8 weeks after my last dose of chemo), but there have been a few odd patches on my beard etc here and there, which has pretty much gone back to normal now.

I notice that I find I get tired more quickly than I used to at work still. After 7/8 hours in the office there is a horrible deep rooted tiredness that I didnt used to have. I hope this will clear up.

After an amazing summer of feeling on a complete high, and extremely excited to be back out on the loose, I think there's a bit of a come down now. I am realising that maybe Im not quite 100% and it will take longer than thought. It's quite vague and hard to pin down and I think can become a little depressing.

Maybe Ill come back to you and let you know how it goes.

Thanks to everyone who has been in touch, it's nice to know that this has all been of some use to the world.



DAVID HAAS said...

I have a question about your blog. Please email me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam, my name is Dan. I had stage one seminoma in right bollock nov 2009, with one round if chemo ! All clear until now march 2013 just been diagnosed with a reoccurrence in my left bollock! F**k !!! Im 29 and will soon have no nuts ! Your videos are great. Thanks